Academy and Pre-Academy
9U Academy
This program is a developmental training program for soccer players ages 7-9. The focus of this program is to teach advanced fundamental footskills and introduce basic tactics. This program is an introduction to the competitive soccer scene and is for those interested in a more rigorous training and game schedule beyond what is offered by recreational soccer. Players will be nominated for this program by Rec coaches and must be accepted after an evaluation by the Academy coaching staff. The Academy is similar to our Select Program as it is a one year commitment (both fall and spring) once offered a position. Evaluations for consideration into this program occur in May along with other Select tryouts.

Training will be twice per week for 75 minutes per session as determined by the Academy Director. 6 play dates (Saturdays) are available per season. Each play date will consist of 2-40 minute games (5 minute half) with other Academy teams in our state. Games will be 7v7 with keepers. There is some travel involved in this program.

This program is a developmental training program for soccer players ages 5-8. The focus of this program is to teach introductory fundamental footskills and basic game structure. This program is for players looking for structured training in addition to recreational soccer. Players in this program will be trained 1 hour weekly by the GFC coaching staff and will have the opportunity to participate in up to 4 friendly matches against other similar programs. All players must be evaluated and accepted by the Academy coaching staff during May tryouts and is a one year commitment.


  • The Academy approach provides recreational players who have aspirations of becoming a more accomplished player an avenue to grow, test and enhance his or her skills.

  • The Academy approach provides recreational players an opportunity to train with experienced & licensed soccer coaches.

  • The Academy approach accommodates and accepts that younger players still have a lot of learning and growing to do within the game and recognize that putting them in an environment where they would receive more structured/focused training is developmentally important.

  • The Academy approach fosters development over winning, and lets these young players play freely during each practice and Play-Date. Every KY Club Academy plays non-result oriented competition against other KY Club Academies that is organized in "Developmental Academy Play-Dates." There are normally 6 "Play Dates" scheduled on select Saturdays per season (Fall & Spring). Each "Play-Date" consists of 2 back-to-back "games". (so a total of 12 "games" per season) These Play-Dates are overseen and scheduled through KY Youth Soccer.

  • The Academy approach believes that success is a byproduct of player development. There is a saying that "without technique there's no tactics." With the Academy approach, the focus on improving the individual player's technique, to produce players that are better technically.


"Academy Soccer" may cause adults to perceive that this is the same as 9U recreational soccer, which is not the case. Actually, the Academy Format is a bridge between Recreational and Select Soccer that is geared for players that aspire someday to play at a higher level. The academy approach would allow for a "true" club environment to be fostered. Players would not necessarily be placed onto a team but would play with various different players within the Academy and allow them to experience different competition during training sessions and Play Dates.